Last year I completed a half ironperson triathlon (70.3 miles).

I started this blog to cope with the¬†burning desire to share the knowledge that malt loaf falling out of your snack bag mid bike ride sounds like a bit of your bike falling off, and that if this happens to you¬†there’s no need to panic. Unless it’s your last piece of malt loaf…

I also stepped onto the big red dot at TEDxWhitehallWomen to share that story in November 2017.

I continue to write about triathlon, and the whole dang wellbeing shabang in general. That sometimes includes work because, well, that’s a part of the party.

Other useful things to know: I’m a closet northerner living in commutersville just north of the M25. For cultural references file me under ‘born in the mid-80s’.

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